More about Our Evolution & Revolution - Impression Bridal

Choosing an Impression gown means falling in love with a design that not only flatters your figure, but also features exquisite detail to perfectly highlight your personality. More than a dress, a wedding gown provides a complete picture of who you are in a single moment straddled between your past and future. Whether your bridal style be romantic, sophisticate or traditionalist, we design with treasured silhouettes and modern sophistication to celebrate both time-honored roots and newfound beginnings.

Impression Bridal first began in 1986 out of a 2,000 square foot space. From this small office we designed our very first wedding dress, took orders and delivered a superior garment to buyers across the country. Driven by a passion for design and a commitment to service, we faced many obstacles in those early days, yet continued to expand. Bolstered by a tireless work ethic and impeccable reputation for quality, we eventually transitioned from relative newcomers to achieve a solid standing in the wedding gown industry. Today we distribute to thousands of retailers both internationally and across the US.

Impression’s key to success lies foremost in an unyielding commitment to quality garments. Whether it be a wedding gown or bridesmaid’s dress, our pieces are known for intricate detail and high standards of construction. Each season, we design our collections composed around three foundations of style:

Fit: As any tailor knows, the quality of a bespoke piece rests upon the skillful execution of needlework and technology. Incorporating our unique “Magic Fit? construction to every gown, we found a way to highlight the celebrated feminine form while concealing any imperfections. Thus, each bride receives a dress crafted with made-to-measure precision

Fabric: Fabric is the very foundation of every wedding dress we design. As technology continues to evolve over the years, we are able to source yarn and other materials that are lighter and thinner than ever before. Continual advancement in the field of fabrics compels us to routinely re-source our materials and enhance each design to ensure a gown that looks as good as it feels.

Finery: Attention to detail is evident in every decision we make at Impression Bridal. From intricate embroidery patterns and the selection of exquisite lace down to delicate microbeading techniques finished with Swarovski crystals, Impression designs reflect thoughtful consideration in every stitch.

From bridal beginnings, Impression eventually translated its growing success to include a bridesmaid line, destination wedding gowns and the Xcite, Xtreme and La Perle evening gown collections. For every bridal need we offer a solution. And for every bride, we promise a well-crafted garment steeped in tradition to celebrate YOUR future!