Welcome to Impression Bridal's comprehensive retail training manual. We have designed and created these documents with only one goal in mind: The success and strength of your in-house bridal consultant staff. It has been our mission to provide the most useful tools possible to assure your success. We are confident that is exactly what you will find as you begin to use this training manual.

Impression would like to suggest several uses for this manual. It's a great way to introduce new employees to your industry. We intentionally designed this program to be viewed in 30 to 40 minute increments. This will be the most effective way to understand and retain the knowledge attached. Please feel free to print any part of this manual and use it interactively with your staff. Have them submit the question/answer sections to you. Watch as they engage in the suggested role-plays. Make it fun, challenging, and most of all… effective!

This is also a great tool to help you or your existing "vets" to step up the game! Are you great at helping the bride but can't seem to close the sale? Jump ahead to "Overcoming Objections" and "Closing the Sale." Looking for new ideas to build relationships with your brides? Let's do "Lesson 2: Build Relationships." Customize this training program to meet your needs. Most importantly, use it over and over again. You can never have too much education!

One last thought… Did we miss something you need? Please let us know. Simply send an e-mail to lc@impressionbridal.com and let us know your needs, thoughts, and suggestions. Together we will succeed, grow, and learn!