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Who are you? Please give us all the contact information we will need to assure we post this website to YOUR account. Please give us your name, phone number, e-mail address, mailing address, and account number.

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Please make at least 3 name choices just in case it is longer available when we try to purchase it. After you are done with entering all of your three choices, the word AVAILABLE should appear to the left of all of your choices.

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Choose your Website Design among 4 bridal themes and 4 prom themes below There is an option to create your own background as well (see last option).

Please note you may only select one theme. Click on any of the following images for a larger view

Note: If you wish to use your store logo at the top of the page, please email us a high resolution image of your store logo to

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Blue Castle

Bridal Couple

Forest Gate

White Roses *new!*

Prom Party

Prom Girls

Prom Couple

Prom Couch *new!*

Your store / store-owned photo

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Write your "About Us" page.

Simply enter this information in the text box below where you see "Type Here" and tell us your story, as you want it posted on your site. As a suggestion remember to include some important information:
How long has your store been in business?
Are you family owned?
What is your mission statement?
What make you stand out from all the rest?
And anything you want your potential customers to know about you!

NOTE: If you wish to exclude this page from your website, simply click here: Exclude About Us Page


Let us know what collections of gowns/dresses you carry.

Please list them by collection/Manufacturer. For example: Impression Bridal / Bridal Gowns. Be sure you include all the different collections (Bridal Gown, Bridesmaid, Prom, Quinceria, Flowergirl, Mother of the bride). Simply enter this information in the text box below where you see "Type Here".

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Tell us abut the services you offer. This includes any and all non-gown/dress collections. For example: Alterations, jewelry, tuxedos, shoes, veils, gifts, etc. Fell free to write about your services or simply give it to us in a list form. We will post it just the way you'd like. Simply enter this information in the text box below where you see "Type Here".

NOTE: If you wish to exclude this page from your website, simply click here: Exclude Services Page


Complete the "Our Bride" information. We suggest you send us some pictures of your brides on their wedding days and, of course, include a testimonial from them. To do this we need to ask you to send us a separate e-mail to Please be sure we know which testimonial goes with which picture. Unfortunately we cannot accept any pictures by US Mail. They must be sent to this e-mail address. Please be sure to include your name, store name, acct number, and phone number in case we have any questions. If we cannot identify who this e-mail comes from, we will not be able to post it to your website.

If you prefer, you can simply post testimonials (without pictures) or write a narrative about your brides.
Please don't forget to get your customer's permission to post their image on the website, and we suggest that you don't include her last name as a privacy concern.

NOTE: If you wish to exclude this page from your website, simply click here: Exclude Our Bride Page


Complete your "Contact Us" information.

Please let us know the address, phone number, fax number, and store hours that you want to appear on the Contact Us page.

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Type up to 5 e-mail addresses you'd like us to create for you. We suggest at least 1 to be included in your website contact information (ie: It will be your responsibility to configure your e-mail program (Outlook, Netscape, etc) to work with these email addresses. Of course, your e-mail addresses will match your website address (ie: You only need to provide the prefix (ie: info, MyName, etc). Simply enter this information in the text box below where you see "Type Here".

NOTE: If you do not want e-mail addresses created, simply click here: Don't Create E-mail Addresses


If you want a contact us email form, please check the Create Contact Us Email Form and provide us with an email address that the email will be sent to.


NOTE: If you want to use one of the 5 e-mail addresses that you typed above, please type in just the prefix (ie: info, MyName) for the Email Address.

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